Hungary concerned over YU ban on Hungarian TV broadcasts

BUDAPEST, Sep 2, 2000 -- (AFP) The Hungarian foreign ministry summoned the Yugoslav ambassador on Friday over concerns Yugoslavia is planning to block Hungarian satellite television broadcasts officials said.

According to the ministry's information, Yugoslav Federal Education Minister Goran Matic has ordered a ban on Hungarian broadcasts to ethnic Hungarian villages in Vojvodina, northern Yugoslavia, a statement said.

"Hungary called on Yugoslavia to respect the freedom of the press" and "withdraw its media law which runs against European norms," the ministry said after a meeting with Yugoslav Ambassador Balsa Spadijer.

"Hungary considers that the ban on satellite programs branded non-appropriate by the Yugoslav power runs against European norms," it added.

Leaders of the 350,000-strong ethnic Hungarian community of the Vojvodina area of Yugoslavia, which neighbors Hungary, told a press conference here Friday that "Yugoslavia has practically banned foreign cable television broadcasts."

The ministry also "vigorously protested" that Yugoslav authorities have recently prevented several Hungarian journalists and television crews from working in Yugoslavia.

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