Bosnia's agriculture hit by worst drought in 120 years

SOFIA, Aug 28, 2000 -- (AFP) Bosnia and Hercegovina's agriculture has been badly hit this summer by the worst drought the country has experienced in the last 120 years, the daily newspaper OSLOBODJENJE reported Sunday.

More than three rainless months have left pastures dry and crops struggling to survive.

Farmers have had to use reserves to feed their livestock, leaving a shortage for winter, so they are being forced to sell them now at low prices, the paper said.

The market price of a cow that was between BAK 1,500 and 2,500 dropped as low as 700, but prices of meat products did not change.

With the expected lack of livestock, there will be a shortage of meat and milk during the winter and prices are expected to rise dramatically, OSLOBODJENJE noted.

Moreover, weather conditions will have cut the harvest of fruits and spring products by half, and maybe even more.

The newspaper said the country would have a hard time recovering and that the most serious consequences would be felt in 2001.

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