Bomb explodes in Albanian aquaduct -- 30 000 without water

TIRANA, Aug 17, 2000 -- (AFP) A bomb has badly damaged the main aqueduct to Kukes in northern Albania, cutting off water supplies to some 30,000 people, police said Thursday.

The unknown attackers placed a large amount of TNT explosives in the aqueduct in Kolesjan, 19 kilometers (12 miles) north of Kukes, and detonated the device on Wednesday at 10:50 p.m. (2050 GMT), Kukes police chief Xhavit Shala said, cited by the official ATA news agency.

"The explosion of the aqueduct could be connected to the incidents on Tuesday," Shala said, referring to clashes between police and shopowners in Kukes.

Demonstrators overran the Kukes police station on Tuesday to protest the government's decision to impose duty on goods imported from Prizren in southern Kosovo.

The protestors fired automatic weapons in the air, broke several windows, set a police car alight and made off with four police trucks.

Earlier in the day, police had intervened to disperse protestors blocking the road to the northern Morina border post.

Two people were slightly injured during the incidents and several demonstrators were arrested, police said without giving precise details on the number of detainees.

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