Milosevic's wife's party presents main goals ahead of YU elections

BELGRADE, Aug 17, 2000 -- (BBC/Tanjug) The campaign staff of the Yugoslav United Left (JUL) on Wednesday [16th August] adopted documents and decisions relevant to upcoming elections, which JUL will contest together with the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) [Milosevic's party].

The joint SPS-JUL lists for 24th September Yugoslav federal presidential and parliamentary polls and local elections in the Yugoslav republic of Serbia will be headed by Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic, also president of the SPS.

A JUL statement said the list reflects JUL's views on the need for national unity, especially unity of leftist and other patriotic parties, and its conviction that Milosevic is the foremost champion of the policy of Yugoslavia's freedom and independence.

The main planks in JUL's electoral platform will be peace, freedom, independence and sovereignty, and a comprehensive concept of the economic development of society.

Rapporteurs at the meeting were Directorate Secretaries Mesud Adzemovic (organization), Srdjan Smiljkovic (development, cadre policy), Ivan Markovic (information), members Zoran Modrinic and Goran Matic (also Information Committee chairman), and President Mira Markovic [Milosevic's wife], the statement said.

Source: Tanjug news agency, Belgrade, in English 1835 GMT 16 Aug 00.

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