Serb shot dead

PRISTINA, Aug 7, 2000 -- (AFP) An elderly Serb has been found shot dead in an ethnically-mixed area of Kosovo where four people were murdered earlier this week, a UN spokeswoman said Sunday.

Claire Trevena said the 63-year-old Serb was found dead by a patrol of KFOR peacekeepers who heard shots in the village of Skulaneva, six miles (10 kilometers) south of Pristina. An investigation has been launched by Kosovo's UN police force, she added.

Late Wednesday three Roma gypsies in the village of Mali Alas, three miles (five kilometers) south of Skulaneva, were killed by an improvised bomb placed outside their home and probably triggered by a trip wire, UN police said.

On the same night a 15-year-old ethnic Albanian boy was shot four times in the chest by unknown gunmen as his father drove him through the village of Magura, three miles (five kilometres) southwest of Skulaneva.

The three villages are all in the municipality of Lipljan, one of the most ethnically-mixed in Kosovo. A profile of the area released in June by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe said 84 percent of an estimated population of 74,643 were ethnic Albanians, 12.5 percent Serbs and two percent Roma.

Since the arrival in June last year of the KFOR multinational peacekeeping force and the end of a bitter civil war between ethnic Albanian separatists and Yugoslav forces, Serbian civilians have often found themselves the victims of revenge attacks.

The most bloody to date was the massacre in July 1999 of 14 Serbs in the village of Gracko, also in Lipljan.

On June 15 this year two Serbs were killed when their car hit a bomb near the village of Lepina, less than one mile (two kilometers) from the scene of Saturday's murder.

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