YU states rules for foreign poll observers

BELGRADE, Aug 5, 2000 -- (Reuters) Yugoslavia published rules on Friday regulating the foreign monitoring of presidential, parliamentary and municipal elections in September.

Observers from countries which took part in last year's NATO bombing are expected to be excluded although the rules, published in the Official Gazette, did not specifically say so.

"Interested members of foreign states, appropriate international agencies and non-government institutions who wish to monitor the elections...will submit their applications to the Foreign Ministry by September 21, 2000 the latest," it said.

Opposition parties, fearing there will be widespread fraud in the September 24 polls, said they would invite observers from Russia and Greece after government officials said "aggressor" countries would be barred from monitoring.

The Yugoslav election commission issued three separate but identical instructions, suggesting separate applications should be made for the presidential and parliamentary polls and the municipal elections in Serbia.

It also forbade the use of mobile phones in polling stations.

Applications should include the name of the country, organization or institution, the number and make-up of representatives and their planned time of stay in Yugoslavia.

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