Bosnian Serb airline resumes flights to Belgrade

BANJA LUKA, Aug 3, 2000 -- (AFP) Bosnian Serb state-owned Air Srpska will resume flights from Banja Luka to Belgrade on August 7 after over a year-long halt, a Bosnian Serb daily reported on Wednesday.

Air Srpska was granted permission by the NATO-led peacekeeping Stabilization Force (SFOR) to resume the flights which were suspended in March last year during NATO air raids against Yugoslavia, Dnevne Nezavisne Novine reported.

SFOR closed all airports in Bosnia ahead of and during the air strikes against Yugoslavia. But flights resumed soon afterwards to all destinations except to Yugoslavia.

Air Srpska said it would run two flights a week between Banja Luka and Belgrade in cooperation with Yugoslav Airlines, Dnevne Nezavisne Novine reported.

Flights from the capital Sarajevo to Belgrade are still halted.

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