Head of Bosnia Serb paper questioned on illegal phone-tap story

BANJA LUKA, Jul 29, 2000 -- (AFP) The director of an independent weekly said Friday he was questioned by police about a story on illegal phone-tapping and surveillance conducted by the Bosnian Serb intelligence service (OBS).

The police wanted to know the name of the writer and the sources of the story Reporter published in June on alleged illegal OBS actions, Perica Vucinic, its director, said in a statement, adding he would never reveal such information.

Reporter's story, quoting anonymous sources, said the OBS conducted phone taps and had agents follow several politicians and journalists in Republika Srpska (RS, Bosnia's Serb-run entity) without court permission.

The OBS denied the allegations and pressed charges against Reporter on June 12.

On Reporter's long list of alleged OBS victims were Zivko Radisic, the Serb member of Bosnia's tripartite presidency, Mirko Sarovic, RS vice-president, Petar Djokic, RS parliamentary speaker, and Manojlo Milovanovic, RS defense minister.

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