YU protests to UN over Kosovo killing

BELGRADE, Jul 27, 2000 -- (Reuters) Yugoslavia on Wednesday charged NATO-led peacekeepers and the UN Kosovo administration with hiding facts about the killing of an ethnic Albanian last year and accusing Serbs of the crime.

In a letter to the United Nations Security Council carried by the state news agency Tanjug, Vladislav Jovanovic, the chief of the Yugoslav mission to the United Nations, also blamed KFOR and UMNIK for protecting ethnic Albanian "terrorists" in the province.

"Such an unacceptable practice plays into the hands of terrorists and Albanian extremists who use slander to accuse Serbs," Jovanovic wrote.

A Kosovo court had put off on Monday a trial of three Serbs accused of killing an ethnic Albanian man after hearing new evidence that the victim could have been killed by U.S. troops.

The judges, including a foreigner, in the southeastern Kosovo town of Gnjilane, said the trial would resume on August 7 to allow time to gather more information.

"The incident is yet another illustration of the practice of arbitrary and unfounded arrests of Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija," Jovanovic said. He said that ethnic Albanians had been neither arrested nor tried for their crimes.

"...KFOR and UNMIK are directly responsible for the difficult situation in Kosovo and Methoija and for all the consequences of that situation because they are not taking actions against and are protecting Kosovo Albanian terrorists," Jovanovic said.

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