Top US general discusses security at Macedonia-Kosovo border

SKOPJE, Jul 20, 2000 -- (AFP) Top U.S. General Henry Shelton met here Wednesday with Macedonian Chief of Staff, General Jovan Andrevski, to discuss security on the border with Kosovo, the Macedonian defense ministry said.

It was concluded that, as a result of joint activities by the Macedonian army and NATO-led KFOR peacekeeping troops in Kosovo, the situation at the border has "stabilized," the ministry said in a statement.

There have been several serious incidents on Macedonia's border with the southern Serbian province in the last six months.

President Boris Trajkovski put the army on combat alert at border with Kosovo in early June.

The talks between Shelton, the chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Andrevski also focused on regional stability and transformation within the Macedonian army, necessary for it to join the Atlantic alliance.

Shelton left for Kosovo later Wednesday where he was to visit KFOR troops, the ministry said.

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