Serbs arrest three more for Draskovic shooting

BELGRADE, Jul 15, 2000 -- (Reuters) Serbian police have arrested three further suspects in connection with the shooting of Serbian opposition leader Vuk Draskovic and handed them over to the Montenegrin police, a Serbian newspaper said on Friday.

Montenegrin police asked their Serbian counterparts to make the arrests on suspicion of involvement in the attempted assassination of Draskovic last month, Belgrade daily Politika said.

The three were named as Goran Mijatovic, 30, Danko Nikolic, 29, and Jovan Rustic, 25.

Montenegrin police initially said six people were suspected of being involved in the shooting at Draskovic's apartment in the coastal Montenegrin town of Budva. They arrested two suspects in Montenegro last month and are holding them pending investigation.

Belgrade police handed Vladimir Jovanovic, another suspect in the case, over to Montenegro on June 30.

Draskovic has accused Yugoslav authorities of the shooting, in which one bullet grazed his temple and another his ear. Officials in Belgrade have denied the accusation.

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