Yugoslavs seek leads from European Interpol on US citizens accused of murder

PODGORICA, Jul 13, 2000 -- (BBC) There is founded suspicion that three US citizens and one Yugoslav citizen are responsible for the murder of the Montenegrin president's security adviser, Goran Zugic, in Podgorica on 31st May this year. There is reliable information that all four are currently outside the territory of our country...

Tanjug has found out that the Belgrade Interpol office today sent out circular letters to 17 European countries with a request for information about the current whereabouts of the persons accused of Goran Zugic's murder.

Interpol offices in these countries have been asked to submit all relevant information that could help shed light on the circumstances of these persons' involvement in the murder in Podgorica. The results of the inquiries will be submitted to the FRY state prosecutor.

FRY Information Minister Goran Matic told a news conference on 6th June this year that there was no doubt that Zugic's murder in Podgorica had been the work of the CIA and that this espionage organization was completely behind this criminal act...

Source: Tanjug news agency, Belgrade, in Serbo-Croat 1247 GMT 11 Jul 00.

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