Weekly accuses YU information minister of deception

BELGRADE, Jun 29, 2000 -- (BBC) The Belgrade weekly `NIN' has accused Federal [Yugoslav] Information Minister Goran Matic of spreading false information and knowingly deceiving the public in connection with his [Matic's] recent allegation that the US intelligence service is financing `NIN' editorial policy.

The editor in chief of `NIN', Stevan Niksic, wrote in his editorial - published in the latest issue of the weekly - that slander charges would be brought against Matic.

Matic made serious accusations against `NIN' and its journalist Ljiljana Smajlovic in his recent statement for the federal TV station YU Info in connection with the announced adoption of the law on terrorism.

We sincerely believe in the principle of responsibility for the written word and believe everyone should pay for his actions. For this reason we will file slander charges against Mr Matic before a Belgrade court, the editor in chief of `NIN' wrote.

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