Unions warn of unrest in BiH

SARAJEVO, Jun 25, 2000 -- (AFP) The Federation of Trade Unions of Bosnia and Herzegovina warned Saturday that the government would face serious social unrest in coming months unless action is undertaken to improve the situation of workers, Bosnian radio reported.

The federation said it would fully support such protests, and Ismet Bajramovic, chief of the Union of Metal Workers, stressed that they had no intention of negotiating with the authorities.

"There is no need for us to negotiate with any government any more. The fact that they are permanently exonerating those who contributed to this situation ... cannot help workers to find what they need to make a living", Bajramovic said.

The federation demanded that the government remain in session permanently in order to find a solution to the problems of workers.

Bosnian authorities have been facing increasing protests in past months because of their inability to fight the economic crisis, with a 50 percent unemployment rate and many workers not being paid their salaries for months.

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