Bomb alert outside Court building in Pristina

PRISTINA, Jun 23, 2000 -- (AFP) Security forces in Pristina closed one of the Kosovo capital's main streets Thursday after a phone call warning that a bomb had been planted outside the UN-run court building, peacekeeping troops said.

British soldiers of the multinational force KFOR who carried out an initial inspection of the device said it was an anti-personnel device called a widow-maker, designed to jump to head-height before exploding.

They were not immediately sure if the mine, with a range of 18 meters (yards), was a fake. It was found in a bush outside the UN municipal court administration and detention center, next door to the UN mine action center.

The device was placed about three meters from a display of defused mines outside the mine center, set out under a wire mesh to raise mine awareness in the post-war province.

Police and KFOR troops closed the street to the public while awaiting explosives experts.

On Sunday KFOR troops carried out two controlled explosions on cars near Pristina's central Grand Hotel following bomb alerts which turned out to be hoaxes.

Two weeks ago KFOR experts defused a bomb made of half a kilo of plastic explosives wrapped in metal bolts which had been placed under a car opposite Pristina's UN police headquarters.

The device had a lethal range of 15 meters (50 feet) and was set on timer to explode.

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