Not enough money for Balkans refugees return

ZAGREB, Jun 21, 2000 -- (AFP) The third meeting of the Balkans Stability Pact's Steering Committee for the return of refugees held in Zagreb ended Tuesday with the conclusion that current resources are not sufficient.

Committee chairman Hans Koschnik told the Croatian news agency Hina that it will not be easy to find the required financial aid for 2001.

Eighty million euros (73 million dollars) in bilateral aid and another 237 million euros (215 million dollars) from international institutions and the European Commission have been pledged so far for the return of refugees, Koschnik said.

The biggest part of that money is intended for Croatia, he added, since after the political changes in the country the international community's approach is not so cautious any more.

Koschnik criticized bureaucracy burdening European organizations. "We are now implementing the money of the European Commission for Croatia that was provided for 1999," he said.

"We told them that we want the money for this year", Koschnik continued, saying that the answer was that the money provided for this year will start coming in a few months.

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