Plavsic's opponents found new party

BANJA LUKA, Jun 19, 2000 -- (AFP) A new political party was founded Saturday from a faction of the Serb People's Alliance (SNS) that opposes the party leadership of former Bosnian Serb president Biljana Plavsic.

Dragan Kostic, a 43-year-old surgeon and political newcomer, was unanimously elected as leader of the Democratic People's Alliance (DNS).

The new party adopted its program, which includes the demilitarization of Bosnia, a resolution of refugee issues, a more responsible government and Bosnia's international integration.

"The public will soon see our resolute intention to build a system in which irresponsible politicians leave, and people remain and develop", Kostic said.

"My way of ruling can be described in three words -- democracy, democracy and democracy," Kostic added.

At a special SNS party congress on June 3, Plavsic was ousted as leader in a no-confidence vote, and Kostic was elected to replace her.

A court however refused Tuesday to register Kostic as the new SNS head, explaining that the no-confidence vote was invalid under the party's statutes because less than 50 percent of the total number of delegates supported it.

Of a total of 289 delegates, 129 voted to remove Plavsic as party head while 105 supported her.

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