Bomb attack against car of Bosnian Serb minister

BANJA LUKA, Jun 17, 2000 -- (AFP) The car of Bosnian Serb Education Minister Nenad Suzic was destroyed in a bomb attack that did not leave any wounded, a UN spokesman said Friday.

Five other cars were damaged in the attack that took place on Thursday evening in front of the home of Suzic in Banja Luka, capital of the Republika Srpska (RS, Serb entity of Bosnia), UN spokesman Alun Roberts told reporters.

Suzic, who is also one of the vice presidents of the RS government, is a member of the Socialist democratic Party (DSP), founded after a split of the Socialist Party of RS (SP RS) earlier this year.

The DSP stayed within the government coalition Sloga, while SP RS left the coalition.

Roberts also said that the local police arrested Thursday five men under suspicion that they were involved in another bomb attack in which a journalist was seriously wounded last October.

Zeljko Kopanja, director of the independent newspapers Nezavisne Novine, lost two legs in that attack, attributed to ultra-nationalist circles.

Two of these five men, who were detained in the region of Banja Luka, are former members of the RS police special forces, Roberts said.

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