Recent murders in YU

BELGRADE, Jun 17, 2000 -- (Reuters) The following are some of the most prominent unsolved murders in Yugoslavia this year before an unidentified gunman shot and wounded Serbian opposition leader Vuk Draskovic in the Yugoslav republic of Montenegro on Friday.

BOSKO PEROSEVIC - a senior official of Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic's Socialist Party was shot dead on May 13 at the Novi Sad Fair.

ZORAN USKOKOVIC, also known as Skole - Yugoslav businessman, linked in Belgrade press reports to the murder of Serb warlord Arkan in January, was shot dead in car chase in Belgrade on April 27. He had denied involvement in Arkan's shooting.

ZIKA PETROVIC - Head of Yugoslav national airline JAT, gunned down on April 25 outside his home in central Belgrade.

ZORAN DAVIDOVIC, also known as Canda - Well-known member of the Belgrade underworld, gunned down with IVAN STOJANOVIC on a motorway on March 23 while returning from the funeral of Branislav Lainovic (see below).

BRANISLAV LAINOVIC, also known as Dugi - Former commander of a Serbian paramilitary formation and described in the press as a prominent figure in the Novi Sad underworld, shot outside a Belgrade hotel on March 20.

RADOSLAV TRLAJIC, also known as Bata Trlaja - One of the most prominent Belgrade mobsters. Gunned down outside his New Belgrade home on February 25.

MIRKO TOMIC, also known as Bosanac (the Bosnian) - Prominent underworld figure. Gunned down in New Belgrade on February 13 from a speeding vehicle.

PAVLE BULATOVIC - Yugoslav defense minister, shot dead in restaurant on February 8. Officials blamed organized terrorism ordered from abroad. Police have yet to find the killer.

ZELJKO "ARKAN" RAZNATOVIC - Feared Serbian warlord indicted by UN court for war crimes during the Croatian and Bosnian wars in 1991-95. Shot dead January 15 in Belgrade hotel. Police say they have arrested several suspects but have no motive.


DRAGAN SIMIC - Young, ambitious Belgrade police colonel commanding a large Belgrade municipality. Shot in a car park.

SLAVKO CURUVIJA - Prominent independent journalist and publisher critical of Serbian authorities. Shot outside his Belgrade apartment block during NATO air strikes against Yugoslavia.

MILORAD VLAHOVIC - Police colonel, assistant head of Belgrade homicide department and member of the so-called "judo clan". Shot in a car park. 1998

JUSUF "JUSA" BULIC - Owner of betting shops and Zeleznik first division football club. Shot leaving a cafe. Believed to have been close to Arkan. 1997

ZORAN "KUNDAK" (RIFLE BUTT) TODOROVIC - General secretary of the Yugoslav Left party led by Mirjana Markovic, wife of Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic. Killed while arriving at work.

RADOVAN "BADZA" (HULK) STOJICIC - Head of uniformed police in Serbia and assistant interior minister. Shot in a restaurant.

VLADA "TREF" (CLUB) KOVACEVIC - Businessman and close friend of Milosevic's son Marko. Killed outside a Belgrade congress and business center.

RADE "CENTA" CALDOVIC - Member of a Belgrade underworld group. Killed in his car with a woman friend. 1996

MIROSLAV "BIZA" BIZIC - private eye and ex-policeman. Murdered outside his office. 1994

GORAN "MAJMUN" (MONKEY) VUKOVIC - Head of Belgrade criminal clan. Murdered getting into his car in Belgrade. 1993

RADOJICA NIKCEVIC - Businessman, said to have had links with the secret service. Shot in front of his office. 1992

ALEKSANDAR "KNELE" KNEZEVIC - At 21, the youngest star of Belgrade's underworld. Shot in a Belgrade luxury hotel room. 1991

BRANISLAV "BELI" (WHITE) MATIC - Financier of the opposition Serbian Renewal Movement. Assassinated getting out of his car.

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