Yugoslavia's Milosevic, China's Li Peng demand KFOR, UNMIK leave Kosovo

(BBC) - FRY [Federal Republic of Yugoslavia] President Slobodan Milosevic this afternoon received Li Peng, chairman of the Standing Committee of the Chinese National People's Congress, who is paying an official visit to the FRY.

The senior guest from friendly China, accompanied by wife Zhu Lin and his aides, arrived at Beli Dvor [presidential palace], where he was received by President Slobodan Milosevic and his wife, Dr Mira Markovic.

The senior guests from the PRC were afterwards greeted by aides to President Milosevic, who attended the evening talks on the Yugoslav side.

President Milosevic and Li Peng, together with their spouses, engaged in a friendly conversation, which passed in a cordial atmosphere of mutual satisfaction, about the continuous strengthening of friendly relations and versatile cooperation between Yugoslavia and China, as well as the continuous Sino-Yugoslav meetings at a high and the highest level.

In the talks between President Milosevic and Li Peng, they examined the main directions of the further development of bilateral relations, which are constantly improving and are characterized by mutual trust and recognition. They also discussed the most relevant international issues at the start of the new millennium and the cooperation of the two countries in the international arena. It was concluded that considerable results had been achieved in the implementation of the Declaration on Friendship and Cooperation between the two countries, signed by President Milosevic and President Jiang Zemin in Beijing in 1997.

The host and his guest briefed each other on the topical issues in the internal development of the two countries, focusing on the results and prospects for their economic and technological development. The impressive economic results achieved by the PRC encourage Yugoslav companies to link themselves closely and take part in joint ventures with Chinese business partners.

President Milosevic informed Li Peng of the efforts and results achieved by the Yugoslav people in removing the consequences of last year's NATO aggression against our country.

President Milosevic thanked the Chinese people and leadership, especially President Jiang Zemin and his guest, for the support given to our nation and especially for their unwavering insistence on protecting the FRY's sovereignty and territorial integrity. The PRC's assistance in the reconstruction of our country is an expression of solidarity of the friendly Chinese nation, which the people of Yugoslavia value highly.

They voiced their great mutual interest in further strengthening bilateral cooperation. The successful joint ventures of the Yugoslav and Chinese partners justify the decision to implement the mutually beneficial joint interests through intensive economic and all other types of cooperation. The leaderships of the two countries strongly support this course of action in the belief that this is the best way to ensure rapprochement between our people and nations and common progress. Mutual visits, a regular political dialogue, and exchange of political, parliamentary, economic, cultural, sporting and other delegations all serve constantly to upgrade this cooperation.

The FRY and the PRC advocate a policy of peace and affirmation of equal relations in the world. They are steadfast in their principled resolve to resist the policy of hegemony and dictatorship. Defence of freedom, integrity and vital national interests are the inalienable right of every nation.

Confronted by NATO aggression, the FRY heroically defended its freedom, thus earning the support and admiration of a great majority of nations in the world. The PRC condemned the crime that NATO committed with its aggression against Yugoslavia and believes that resistance to the policy of force is the priority task for the future of mankind.

It was assessed that the future of international peace and security on the threshold of a new millennium can only be strengthened through the observance of the principle of sovereignty and territorial integrity, equality and non-involvement in the internal affairs of countries under any pretext.

Aspirations to create a unipolar international world order are unacceptable. The efforts to achieve this through intervention and by encouraging separatism and terrorism directly threaten international peace, which is something that free peoples and nations must resist resolutely.

Yugoslavia and China favour the consistent observance of the UN Charter and the principle of peaceful coexistence. The two countries believe that the UN must not be abused for anyone's partisan interests, especially when domination is the goal. NATO's aggression against the FRY trampled on fundamental international principles and norms and the UN has been denied the chance to play a key role in protecting international peace and security.

Thanks to our principled policy, the UN, by passing UN Security Council Resolution 1244, has obtained a chance to resume its role and responsibility. With this resolution, the international organization gave guarantees of observing the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the FRY and seeking a political solution in Kosovo-Metohija, as an inalienable part of Serbia and Yugoslavia. Unfortunately, since it was passed this resolution has been blatantly and systematically violated to Yugoslavia's detriment, while the international security and civilian presence in Kosovo-Metohija, with its UN mandate, has been exploited to further the interests of the Albanian terrorists and their NATO allies. Thus, genocide under UN auspices is taking place against the Serbs and the other non-Albanian population.

The UN cannot evade its responsibility for this situation, despite the obstruction and efforts to the contrary by the US Administration, under whose influence protection and support for Albanian terrorism are taking place.

The forces with the UN mandate in Kosovo-Metohija have failed to implement a single one of their tasks, which is why they should be recalled. Simultaneously, the members of the Yugoslav Army and police should return to Kosovo in line with Resolution 1244 and the Military-Technical Agreement to provide security to all the inhabitants of that territory, unhindered return for those expelled, and to create conditions for a political solution rooted in equality for all the ethnic communities and citizens in the southern Serbian province. This is an essential precondition for the establishment of lasting peace and long-term stability and security in the region and Europe.

It is untenable to bypass Yugoslavia and all agreements on Kosovo-Metohija reached without Yugoslavia's participation are void. The PRC lends firm support to the FRY in this and resolutely advocates that this view be accepted in the UN.

A policy of pressure and meddling in the internal affairs of the FRY runs counter to fundamental international principles, which is why it must be abandoned without delay. Yugoslavia and China believe that the process of the integration of nations and countries is universal. This process is expected to facilitate free communications and flow of people, ideas, goods and information in the world. That is why efforts to obstruct this linking in any way, to impose artificial barriers and practice any sort of discrimination are anachronistic and untenable.

President Milosevic emphasized that Yugoslavia firmly supported the policy of a single China pursued by the Chinese leadership. The people of Yugoslavia sincerely rejoice in the major successes of the Chinese people, who are an inspiration to all countries and nations also to achieve progress with their own efforts. The obstacles encountered by our two countries can only be surmounted successfully with determination and unity and also with joint resistance to neo-colonial aspirations, whose criminal goal is the enslavement of humanity.

The response to these aspirations should be powerful on the part of the free countries of the world and their closest possible cooperation, because the peace and freedom of nations and peoples are indivisible. Regarding this, Yugoslavia and China share major mutual understanding, as well as a joint resolve to safeguard their joint interests through cooperation.

After the talks, FRY President Slobodan Milosevic in the presence of senior Yugoslav officials and members of the Chinese delegation presented Li Peng, chairman of the Chinese National People's Congress, with the Order of the Yugoslav Grand Star, with which he decorated him for his special merits in developing and strengthening cooperation and friendly relations between the FRY and the PRC.

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