YU victim of psychological-propaganda war

June 12, 2000 (BBC) - [Announcer] The Yugoslav Navy's day was marked in Tivat today. The ceremony was addressed by Yugoslav Navy Commander Admiral Milan Zec, and Srdja Bozovic, Chairman of the Chamber of the Republics of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia [FRY] Assembly. Mile Prelevic reports:

[Reporter] The 8th anniversary of the Yugoslav Navy was marked on the premises of the Sava Kovacevic naval technical-overhaul facility in Tivat. Speaking in front a formal formation of the members of the Navy and numerous guests, Navy Commander Admiral Milan Zec said that during the NATO aggression we drew our moral strength from the support of our people, who have always been an integral part of the Yugoslav Army, our co-fighters.

Last year, we were offered capitulation, occupation of the country, and the loss of freedom with the ultimatums from Rambouillet and Paris. Supported by the unity of the people from Serbia and Montenegro, the country's leadership rejected the shameful offer.

We know, Milan Zec said, that a different war, from the same kitchens, is now being waged against our country, a psychological-propaganda war, with intensified terrorism, which should create a crisis and lead to the crisis-management that would destroy everything we have achieved.

Some people have already accepted their roles in this scenario. It could be guessed who would have the task similar to that of terrorist [Kosovo Albanian leader Hashim] Thaci in Kosovo-Metohija. It could be guessed which forces could try to organize a welcome party for the occupier.

Milan Zec also stressed that the Yugoslav Army and the Navy were simultaneously exposed to an unprecedented media campaign aimed at destroying their reputation and discrediting our leaders and everything else. From here, we categorically reject all accusations against the Navy and the Yugoslav Army, because these accusations are false and fabricated. They serve the daily political needs of certain individuals and groups, Milan Zec stressed.

The ceremony was also addressed by Srdja Bozovic, Speaker of the Chamber of the Republics of the FRY Assembly, who stressed that the aggression against the FRY had violated all the fundamental principles of international law. A kind of act of international terrorism had been carried out. This act was carried out by those who do not have heart and soul, who only have the monstrous aims of controlling other countries and ruling the world, Bozovic said...

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