Montenegrin opposition official denies new YU constitution being drafted

(BBC) - A deputy chairman of the Socialist People's Party [SNP], Zoran Zizic, today denied a report in the Moscow-based 'Komersant' that Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic is preparing a new federal constitution, which would abolish the federation and divide the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia [FRY] into eight cantons.

Quoting well-informed diplomatic sources, today's issue of 'Komersant' says that Serbian Deputy Prime Minister Ratko Markovic, Milosevic's aide Vladan Kutlesic and SNP deputy chairmen Srdja Bozovic and Zoran Zizic are drafting the new constitution.

"This is absolutely untrue and I must say that I would not take up this job because the abolition of the federation and the division of the FRY are against my convictions," Zizic told the [Bosnian] Serb news agency [SRNA].

According to 'Komersant', Milosevic signed in May a secret order to form a four-member-strong commission, whose members met him in June and handed him a draft constitution according to which the FRY should be divided into the following cantons: Vojvodina, Kosovo, Montenegro, Belgrade, Sumadija [central Serbia], eastern, western and southern Serbia. "The constitution envisages a single-chamber parliament whose members will be elected in line with the one-man-one-vote system. The country's president will be elected at general elections. He will have a four-year mandate with the right to hold the post four times," 'Komersant' reports. It adds that "Milosevic is in a hurry because his mandate expires next year and, according to the current constitution, he cannot be re-elected".

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