Bomb planted near UN police HQ in Kosovo

PRISTINA, Jun 9, 2000 -- (Reuters) Army explosives experts destroyed a small bomb on Thursday that had been planted under a car near the United Nations' police headquarters in Kosovo's regional capital Pristina.

"This is a very serious incident," said UN deputy regional commander Gilles Moreau. "If the bomb had gone off anyone in the vicinity would have died," he said.

Former NATO chief Javier Solana, who is now the European Union's foreign affairs chief, was visiting Pristina on Thursday.

Moreau told reporters that police did not know who had planted the 500 grams of plastic explosives, which was linked to a detonator and a clock. The device was spotted by a passerby and destroyed in a small controlled explosion by a robot.

Tensions have risen in Kosovo over the past two weeks in the run up to the first anniversary on June 12 of the UN and KFOR peacekeepers taking over control of the province from Yugoslav authorities.

Eight ethnic Serbs were murdered last week in various attacks blamed on Albanian extremists.

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