YU to seek repeal of Kosovo mandate

BRUSSELS, Jun 8, 2000 -- (Reuters) Yugoslavia is seeking a special session of the United Nations Security Council to prevent an automatic renewal on June 10 of the international peacekeeping mandate in Kosovo, a senior Yugoslav diplomat said on Wednesday.

"The mandate should not be automatically prolonged. There should be a special session of the Security Council, the result of which should be a recommendation to seek a new resolution," Yugoslav charge d'affaires Nikola Lukic told Reuters.

He said the federal government of Yugoslavia was meeting on Wednesday to discuss the issue and could issue a formal statement later.

The Belgrade government says NATO and the United Nations administration for Kosovo, UNMIK, have failed signally to implement Security Council Resolution 1244, adopted a year ago as NATO peacekeepers prepared to deploy in Kosovo following three months of bombing by the alliance.

Violence continues unchecked against minorities, particularly by ethnic Albanians against Serbs, Lukic said, and as a result the conditions for a return to multi-ethnic society are far from being achieved.

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