Belgrade, UNHCR want Croatian Serbs to go home

Jun 7, 2000 -- (RFE/RL) Bratislava Morina, who is the Yugoslav government's chief official for refugee affairs, joined representatives of the UNHCR in the Serbian capital on 5 June to urge Serbs from Croatia to register to return to their homes.

She noted that only 10,700 people out of a potential 350,000 refugees have gone back, "Danas" reported.

The Croatian government that was elected at the beginning of 2000 has repeatedly said that the Serbs are welcome to return home and made funds available for them to repair their houses.

A major remaining question is the right of Serbs to reoccupy to their former flats, many of which are now inhabited by Croatian refugees or veterans of the 1990- 1995 war.

Under Croatian law, citizens forfeit the right to a flat if they have not lived in it or paid rent for six months.

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