Macedonia protests denial of entrance

SKOPJE, Jun 7, 2000 -- (AFP) Macedonia protested Tuesday to the Yugoslav foreign ministry over the denial of entrance to Yugoslavia to Macedonians having the UN mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) stamp in their passports, a source at the Macedonian foreign ministry told AFP.

UNMIK recently started to stamp passports of Macedonians entering the Serbian province, who were later being denied entrance to Yugoslavia, a move affecting mainly the truckers.

The protest note to the Yugoslav foreign ministry has been delivered by the Macedonian ambassador to Yugoslavia, Slavko Milosavlevski, the source said.

It is a further step in an estrangement in relations between the two countries after a visit of Macedonian Prime Minister Ljubco Georgievski to the Kosovo capital of Pristina on May 26-27.

Georgievski attended a forum organized by Macedonian, Kosovar and Albanian non-governmental organizations.

Yugoslavs protested that the Macedonian side did not wait for Belgrade's approval of the visit, an accusation rejected by Skopje.

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