Kosovo Serbs block main highway in protest at violence

LAPLJE SELO, Jun 6, 2000 -- (AFP) Some 200 Serbs blocked the main highway leading out of Kosovo's capital for an hour Monday, calling on the international community to stop "ethnic Albanian terrorism."

The peaceful protest took place near the village of Laplje Selo, just a few kilometers from where two Serbs were killed and three injured when their car hit an anti-tank mine planted in the road on Friday.

Demonstrators waved Serbian flags and placards calling on the peacekeeping force KFOR and the United Nations mission in Kosovo to "open your eyes" and "stop terrorism."

The leader of the village, Slobodan Stojkovic, told AFP that if KFOR could not prevent attacks by Albanians on Serbs then they should allow Serbian police and soldiers to return.

The blockade came a day after Kosovo Serb leaders froze their participation in the province's UN-backed administration in protest at a sharp increase in anti-Serb violence last week that left eight dead.

The Serb National Council, which represents Serbians in the province, said it would send a delegation to meet the UN Security Council next week when it is due to review the resolution which ended NATO's air war on Yugoslavia last June and installed a UN administration in the province.

But Stojkovic said he expected "only small changes" after the meeting, adding that in the meantime the "Serbs are mostly helpless, we can be killed anywhere."

He said his villagers would not allow terrorism -- which he blamed mainly on extremists from neighboring Albania -- to force them from their homes.

"It would take an atom bomb to make us leave," he said.

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