YU 'Anti-terrorist law' to be passed 'very soon'

Belgrade, June 2 (BBC) - Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Information Minister Goran Matic said today that the anti-terrorist law will be passed "very soon."

Matic told reporters in the Federation Palace that "the danger of terrorism is not over," and that the law would be passed "sooner than anyone might expect."

He said that the Yugoslav Left (JUL), as the party that proposed the law, would insist on the law being passed. He added that the draft law was now being compared to relevant Western bills.

According to him, following the collapse of the Serbian opposition, Western countries have lost all political levers of pressure on the Yugoslav authorities so they "are now resorting to terrorist activities."

Matic said that the new law would probably be within the Serbian government's jurisdiction, adding, however, that "following the latest development in Montenegro," perhaps such a law should be passed at the federal level.

Asked by reporters from `Blic', `Danas', `Glas Javnosti', FoNet, and BETA when the new anti-terrorist law would be passed, Matic first asked them to say which media they represent, and then - jokingly - he said with a laugh: "Ah, the group that fears the law."

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