Did Ivanov snub Serbian opposition?

May 31, 2000 -- (RFE/RL) This is the question that the private Belgrade daily "Danas" asked on its front page on 30 May, following the visit of several top Serbian opposition leaders to Moscow the previous day (see "RFE/RL Newsline," 29 May 2000). The leaders met with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Aleksandr Avdeev, but Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov was "too busy" to see them, Reuters quoted unnamed Foreign Ministry officials as saying. The ministry issued a statement calling for "the prompt return of the Studio B television station to its owner, [which is] the Belgrade city council." Representatives of the opposition Yabloko party discussed the current situation in Yugoslavia with the visitors and called on the Russian president and government to "support human rights in Yugoslavia," "Danas" reported. The daily "Izvestiya" criticized the Foreign Ministry for what it called "supporting Milosevic," "Vesti" reported.

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