Iraq urges YU to jointly resist US

BAGHDAD, May 30, 2000 -- (Reuters) President Saddam Hussein called on Monday on Yugoslavia to work jointly with Iraq to resist the United States and its allies.

"Our trench and battle are one. It's not a courtesy when we say we stand with Yugoslavia. We mean it because our enemy is common and we have to work to cripple him," the official Iraqi news agency quoted Saddam as saying.

Saddam was speaking while receiving the head of the Serbian parliament and first deputy of Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic, Dragan Tomic.

Earlier this year, Saddam called on Yugoslavia to ally itself closely with Baghdad to resist the United States and its western allies.

Saddam also condemned NATO's bombing of Yugoslavia last year, which Western leaders said was intended to halt Belgrade's repression of Kosovo's mostly Moslem ethnic Albanians.

U.S.-led multinational forces drove Iraqi troops out of Kuwait after Iraq's 1990 invasion.

Belgrade and Baghdad enjoy good relations, enjoying solidarity in part because they are both internationally isolated and under sanctions.

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