What's going on in Presevo?

May 26, 2000 -- (RFE/RL) A U.S. army spokesman told AP on 25 May that there has recently been sporadic mortar and machine gun fire in the Presevo valley area of southwestern Serbia bordering Kosova.

The spokesman was unable to confirm reports by local ethnic Albanians that Serbian forces have launched an offensive against four villages nearby. An Albanian spokesman charged that Milosevic is launching a crackdown in the area to divert attention from his problems with the Serbian opposition.

An unnamed Serbian government official told the news agency that there were only "regular police activities" in the area.

Serbian state-run television reported on 24 May that "Albanian terrorists" fired mortar shells at a police checkpoint near Bujanovac and that the shells came from the direction of the ethnic Albanian village of Dobrosin in the demilitarized zone along the border.

The broadcast added that several U.S. Apache helicopters flew over the area before the shelling began.

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