Belgrade rejects Brussels line on Bosnian peace process

BELGRADE, May 26, 2000 -- (AFP) The Yugoslav government rejected as worthless Thursday a declaration by the international council tasked with championing the Bosnian peace process, the Tanjug news agency here reported.

On Wednesday the Bosnian Peace Implementation Council, which met in Brussels, cited the return of refugees, economic reforms and reinforcement of local institutions as the main priorities for the Bosnian peace process.

But Belgrade dismissed the meeting as "incomplete and illegitimate" and its findings as "worthless and leading nowhere, and not binding on the government of Yugoslavia".

The Brussels meeting was "a manipulation" aimed at "abolishing the Dayton peace accords and destabilizing with a view to enfeebling Europe and placing it under U.S. dictate," the government said in a statement.

The implementation council adopted a declaration setting out the "steps necessary to speed up the peace process," between now and presidential elections expected in Bosnia-Hercegovina in two years.

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