YU minister rejects extradition to Hague tribunal

May 25, 2000 (BBC) - The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia [FRY] has always supported and will always support true respect for human rights and their enforcement in the broadest sense, in line with the highest international standards.

However, the FRY opposes any abuse of human rights for political purposes and the accomplishment of goals by the great powers at the expense of small states and peoples, Federal Justice Minister Petar Jojic pointed out in a letter sent to Carla del Ponte, chief prosecutor of the Hague tribunal [International War Crimes Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia - ICTY].

At today's news conference Jojic briefed domestic and foreign journalists on the contents of his reply to the Hague prosecutor's letter in which our country is requested to be cooperative and meet the demands that some FRY citizens be extradited and tried for alleged crimes they had committed.

The dungeon that you are in charge of and into which you have been throwing innocent Serbs, using force and murders, namely the so-called Hague tribunal, is an illegal institution, founded against the principles of the UN Charter and international law in general, the federal justice minister writes.

According to him, the Hague tribunal is an organization that implements the policies of the United States and NATO's member countries. It is not an international legal institution, but a crime organization, consisting of hirelings, spies and immoral persons who are using the filthiest of all methods. In your indictments there is not a single specific date, a single piece of evidence showing that any crime you are prosecuting was actually committed, even though indictments in all civilized states in the world, with a developed legal system, must contain all such elements to be considered serious, Jojic said...

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