'The West didn't understand the transition in the East'

(Monitorul) - The President of Romania Emil Constantinescu declared Sunday at a live broadcast for Pro TV that the West was not prepared and that's why it didn't understand the transition in the former communist countries. The post-communist transition is something new in history. The West was not prepared, it didn't understand it, it didn't know what was happening and sometimes, it doesn't understand it even now", Constantinescu said.

The president also considers the political leaders of the former communist countries were not able "to name some truths about this transition." On the other hand, he showed that there is a clear difference between the states that have never been democratic and those who had a memory of democracy. But Romania was a special case because the Ceausescu regime created a young nomenklature trained in the West, who, after the Revolution was the most able to use the new democratic institutions. Constantinescu considers that this young nomenklature has monopolized the economic structures as immediately after the fall of the communist regime, Romania had an "ambiguous rule" unlike the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary, which had rightist governments.

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