Europe Day for students

May 16, 2000

University students had the opportunity to learn about the possibilities for studying abroad May 9 in the foyer of the Carolinum, the seat of Charles University in Prague. This meeting, called Europe to Students, was part of the Europe Day project.

The day was organized to recall the 50th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration, which was the starting point for the unification of Europe. The main organizers of the event were the Foreign Ministry, the City of Prague, the Delegation of the European Council in Prague and Charles University in Prague.

To mark Europe Day there were 10 activities held in Prague and meant to make citizens aware of the nature and the functioning of the EU. Students in the Carolinum could receive not only advice about scholarship programs at foreign universities, but also information about the EU and its members. Beside stands with leaflets and brochures, there were computers tied to the Internet with pages of relevant information. Video programs were shown on a wall between the stands, although they could not be heard and there was no place for prospective viewers.

The Robert Schuman Declaration, made by the France's then-Foreign Minister, was introduced May 9, 1950. It tried to suppress the long-lasting enmity of France and Germany through the idea of European cooperation to prevent international conflict. As a result of the declaration, the European Community of Coal and Steel was founded one year later and it became one of the three pillars of the European Community, the predecessor of the European Union. That is why May 9 is celebrated as Europe Day.

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