Bosnian Serb Republic destabilizing YU at West's behest

May 15, 2000

(BBC) - The Yugoslav Information Minister Goran Matic today accused the [Bosnian] Serb Republic of having become a focal point for the destabilization of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia [FRY]. He also called the Serb Republic leadership quislings.

At a press conference held in Belgrade with regard to yesterday's killing of the chairman of the executive council [local government] of Vojvodina, Bosko Perosevic, Matic said that the killings in the FRY had been previously announced at a meeting of senior international representatives with the Serb Republic leadership.

According to Matic, the killings were announced by the UN secretary-general's special envoy, Jacques Klein, at a meeting with the Serb Republic leadership, while the deputy to US special envoy to the Balkans Robert Frowick reached an agreement with Otpor [Serbian student movement] representatives at the San hotel in Laktasi [near Banja Luka in Serb Republic] about specific actions in the FRY, similar to the one of "who shot [Slavko] Curuvija [Serbian journalist killed in Belgrade in spring of 1999]".

This meeting was also attended by the British ambassador in Sarajevo, Graham Hand, Matic added, saying that "the plan to actively destabilize the FRY is being implemented from the Serb Republic, and also partly from Montenegro".

Asked by SRNA whether he was in possession of any other facts other than the above mentioned ones that showed that Yugoslavia was being destabilized from the Serb Republic, Matic gave as examples the Pauk [spider] organization [group of people arrested by Serbian authorities and accused of planning to kill Milosevic], which, he said, had been set up in the Serb Republic, as well as the kidnapping in Yugoslavia of the Yugoslav citizens Stevan Todorovic and Dragan Nikolic, who were subsequently transferred to The Hague [war crimes tribunal].

Refusing to say any more about the Serb Republic's alleged involvement in destabilizing Yugoslavia, Matic said that he would speak about the Serb Republic and about what he said today at a press conference next week...

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