Kosovo peacekeepers find major arms stash

PRISTINA, May 12, 2000 -- (AFP) International peacekeepers found a major arms stash, including two anti-tank missiles, in the British-led central sector of Kosovo, a KFOR spokesman said Thursday.

KFOR troops cordoned off an area eight kilometers (five miles) west of the central town of Glogovac on Wednesday and found 20 rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) and seven RPG launchers, Lieutenant Commander Philip Anido said.

They also found a machine gun and more than 60,000 bullets in the sweep, he said.

No arrests were made, Anido said, adding that the local KFOR commander offered an amnesty, giving weapons owners the chance to give in their arms before a house search was started.

If the owners fail to surrender their arms they are arrested, he said.

Attacks with shoulder-held RPGs are common in the war-torn province, where ethnic violence has forced almost a quarter of a million of non-ethnic Albanians to flee since KFOR moved in last June.

One RPG attack in February killed two Serbs on a UN bus near the northern town of Kosovska Mitrovica, sparking weeks of ethnic rioting that left some 10 people dead and dozens injured, including KFOR troops.

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