Six Serbs wounded in Kosovo grenade attack

PRISTINA, May 11, 2000 -- (Reuters) An attacker threw a grenade into a Serb shop in eastern Kosovo, wounding six people, the NATO-led KFOR peacekeeping force said on Wednesday.

The attack took place on Tuesday evening in the village of Cernica, in Kosovo's U.S.-dominated military sector, a spokesman for the force said.

Two of the victims were flown to a military hospital at U.S. forces' Camp Bondsteel but their injuries were not believed to be life-threatening, Lieutenant Commander Philip Anido said.

Since KFOR and the United Nations took responsibility for Kosovo last June, ethnic Albanians angry at years of Serb repression have carried out numerous attacks on Serbs and members of other minorities accused of collaborating with them.

A 48-year-old member of the province's Torbesh community, an ethnic group which shares Albanians' Moslem faith but speaks a Slavic language, was found shot dead in his bed on Tuesday morning in a village near the southern city of Prizren, the UN said.

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