Flooding eastern Hungarian rivers slowly subsiding

May 8, 2000

(BBC) - The rate at which the lower Tisza (southeastern Hungary) is receding is increasing day by day, with levels falling by 17-22 cm at Szeged, Mindszent and Csongrad in the last 24 hours. The greatest drop in the water level since the crest was measured at Csongrad, where the water is now 192 cm below the high point.

An extraordinary alert is still in force in the area of the Lower Tisza Water Directorate, and includes the Harmas Koeroes and the Maros rivers [the Tisza's tributaries]. On Sunday [7th May], 1,095 people were still working on the dikes, there.

The water level has receded by more than four meters on the upper section of the Tisza, and by two meters in midstream. Defense operations are still underway on 1,150 km of the river's upper and middle sections, and involved 8,188 people on Sunday.

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