Whom does the army have in mind?

NOVI SAD, May 8, 2000 -- (Reuters) The statement appears to be a response to a speech that Vojvodina Social Democratic leader Nenad Canak made in Belgrade at the opposition rally on 14 April, in which he called for Milosevic to be tried and punished.

In Novi Sad, Canak told Reuters on 4 May that "the regime will explore reactions to see whether it's wise to arrest me.

If they don't arrest me, they will show weakness and if they do, different problems will occur.

I'm sure the regime knows that it will be a turning point after which there will be a lot of non-parliamentary methods of struggle," Canak added. He did not elaborate.

The army statement also claimed that "especially prominent in unprincipled speculation and unfounded criticism [of Milosevic] are incompetent leaders of certain marginal political parties and some former army employees." This appears to refer to former Generals Momcilo Perisic and Vuk Obradovic.

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