Romanian monarchy feud extends to restitution process

May 4, 2000

(RFE/RL) - Prince Paul, a nephew of King Carol II, is challenging in court former King Michael's request for the restitution of a building in Bucharest, Mediafax reported.

Prince Paul, who is the first-born son of Carol Mircea Grigore von Hohenzollern and Romanian aristocrat Zizi Lambrino, is claiming a share in the property.

King Carol's marriage to Lambrino during World War I in Odessa was nullified by the royal court, but Paul was recognized as the lawful son of King Carol by a Lisbon court in 1955. A court in Teleorman county recognized the Lisbon ruling in 1995 and the Bucharest Court of Appeals upheld that ruling in April 1999.

Prince Paul, who recently set up his own political party, says he has no intention of demanding the restoration of the monarchy.

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