Hungarian rivers recede, flood defense continues

May 3, 2000 (BBC)

After the upper section, the recession of water levels has also accelerated on the central section of the [eastern Hungarian] River Tisza.

After reaching its peak, the water level in the Tisza has fallen by 116 cm at Szolnok [central Hungary] and by 62 cm at Szeged [southern Hungary].

The dismantling of additional defence installations and the restoration of dike tops continue along the River Bodrog and the upper section of the Tisza [northeastern Hungary].

Owing to the low recession, the reinforcement of the softened and soaked sections of the dikes along the central and lower sections of the Tisza continues. Ten thousand three hundred people are still working on the dikes. The daily cost of flood defense is Ft 320m [one dollar is about Ft 270].

Due to favorable weather and flood defense, the area under water has significantly reduced. According to data published by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, 155 hectares are under water, two-thirds of which is farmland.

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