Local Press Digest

BRATISLAVA, May 2, 2000 (Rtr)


A young man who displayed a board saying former Premier Vladimir Meciar is a cheater was attacked during the May 1 rally of the opposition HZDS supporters in front of Bratislava's Tesco department store.

Two skinheads, 19 and 14 years old, stabbed in Bratislava on April 30 three 18-year-old men who suffered serious injuries. The skinheads afterwards attacked a black 33 year-old man who managed to defend himself.


Opposition HZDS wants to file with the Constitutional Court a legal complaint on the new rules set to limit discussion time in parliament. HZDS argues the new law wants to shut the opposition's mouth.

Christian Democratic Movement (KDH) leader and Justice Minister Jan Carnogursky said that premier Mikulas Dzurinda is preparing pre-term elections for March 2001 and that the Government Office has been attempting to discredit KDH.


Slovakia fulfilled all technical requirements to enter the OECD, Finance Minister Brigita Schmognerova said.

Interior Minister Ladislav Pittner survived the no confidence vote initiated by the opposition HZDS when only 51 out of 150 deputies voted for his dismissal.

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