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SKOPJE, Apr 27, 2000 (Rtr)


Most politicians have accepted Stojan Andov's proposition on a Macedonian-Albanian convention for the protection of minority rights, but members of the Albanian political bloc in Macedonia remain skeptical.

Viktor Dimovski, the head of the Macedonian team in negotiations with Yugoslavia on defining borders, said Macedonia expected the Yugoslav side to be more constructive in talks due on May 11 and 12 in Skopje.


Macedonia has asked Greece to abandon visas for its citizens during the summer holidays. The Macedonian Foreign Ministry sources, however, say this was unlikely, adding that Macedonians travelling to Greece could be allowed to apply for visas at the border instead of the Greek consulate in Skopje.


Truck drivers have threatened to bring traffic in Skopje to a halt on Thursday if the price of gasoline is not lowered.


The opposition SDSM has criticized the government for negotiating with terrorists in the case of Xavit Hasani and releasing him in exchange for abducted Macedonian border officers.

Saso Stainov, a former head of the Public Revenue Office, was unexpectedly appointed a government advisor on Tuesday.

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