Russian soldier's body found in Kosovo

PRISTINA, Apr 27, 2000 -- (Reuters) The body of a Russian soldier has been found in Kosovo, a spokesman for the NATO-led KFOR peacekeeping force said on Wednesday.

"We can confirm that he was found dead," Major Frenk Benjaminsen, a KFOR spokesman told Reuters. He had no further information for the time being.

Western sources told Reuters that the Russian soldier vanished in Pristina two weeks ago and his body was found in the area.

On March 1, a 31-year-old Russian soldier was shot by an ethnic Albanian in the central town of Srbica and died later that day in the French military hospital in Mitrovica. The gunman was arrested but escaped from jail.

There are 3,591 Russian soldiers serving in KFOR's multinational brigades in the North, South and East sectors of the Yugoslav province.

Kosovo's majority Albanian population has not welcomed the presence of Russians because of their historical Slav Orthodox cultural ties with Yugoslavia's Serbs.

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