Nato seizes Kosovo arms, detains 13

PRISTINA, Apr 27, 2000 -- (Reuters) NATO-led KFOR peacekeepers detained 13 people in raids on houses across Kosovo that netted large amounts of weapons, a spokesman said on Wednesday.

Assault rifles, hand grenades, pistols, detonators, an optic sight for a rocket launcher and more than 1,500 rounds of ammunition were seized on Tuesday in the towns of Lipljan, Globocica, Guska and Brekoc, Major Frank Benjaminsen said.

About 150 ethnic Albanian villagers blocked a road and massed around KFOR vehicles into which four suspects had been bundled in Globocica, a UN police statement said.

The villagers tried to grab back their friends and KFOR and UN policemen summoned reinforcements.

UN police used tear gas and batons against the villagers but a KFOR commander arrived and ordered the detainees freed, the statement added. The villagers then dispersed.

UN police said Serb militants in the volatile city of Mitrovica assaulted an ethnic Albanian woman on Tuesday after unidentified people threw her out of the courthouse where she worked. The woman suffered minor injuries.

KFOR disbanded and disarmed Kosovo Albanian separatist guerrillas after entering the Yugoslav province last June to end a conflict with Serbian security forces.

But former guerrillas or paramilitary gangsters hid many weapons and KFOR or UN olice are continuing to seize illicit arms almost daily in a drive to curb endemic violent crime.

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