Local Press Digest

SKOPJE, Apr 26, 2000 (Rtr)


The World Bank will select an auditor for Kavadarci-based ferro-nickel plant FENI.

Macedonian Foreign Minister Aleksandar Dimitrov requested from KFOR commander in Macedonia Anthony Stables to increase border control with Kosovo.

Macedonia has exported 1,643 tones of lamb to the European Union, making around 13 million German marks profit.


Two Greek companies are competing for purchasing the Prilep marble factory, after the factory director was taken into custody for tax fraud.

The Macedonian Chamber of Commerce said Italian importers of lamb are requesting the provisional name FYROM (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) to be printed in the export documents instead of Republic of Macedonia.


Macedonia and Yugoslavia are expected to continue in May talks aimed at determining a disputed border line between the two. Macedonia will insist the Monastery Prohor Pcinski be included in the Macedonian territory.

Skopje's Petrovec airport will ask the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development on May 8 for a $46 million loan to finance reconstruction of the airport.

After Prime Minister Ljubco Georgievski refused to meet farm workers, who want their produce excluded from value added tax, farmers said they will start daily protests for 80 days in front of the government, World Bank and IMF offices in Skopje.

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