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BELGRADE, Apr 26, 2000 (Rtr)


Serbian Prime Minister Mirko Marjanovic, Yugoslav Left leader Mira Markovic and other ranking officials visited the southern Serbian town of Aleksinac a year after it was destroyed by NATO bombs. Markovic said Aleksinac should be "a holy place of Serb resistance to the world war waged against Serbia."

During the last month, all 30 Serbian houses in the village of Pantina near Vucitrn in Kosovo were destroyed by Albanian extremists, said Tomislav Zivkovic, a resident now in refuge in Kosovska Mitrovica.


The government submitted to parliament a draft law on associations, according to which 5,000 citizens can establish a political party, for whose activities no funds from abroad may be used.

It also submitted a draft law on international non-governmental organizations in Yugoslavia, stipulating that they must not act politically or make a profit.

A Belgrade lawyer's car was riddled with bullets on Monday night in downtown Belgrade.


Family and lawyers of Dragan Nikolic, a Bosnian Serb indicted for war crimes, claim he was kidnapped in Smederevo in Serbia, taken to Loznica and then to the Bosnian Serb republic where he was handed over to the NATO-led Stabilisation Force (SFOR).


A member of Serbian Liberation Army (OSA), lieutenant Boban Gajic, denied at the start of a trial in Nis that the group had planned to assassinate Yugoslav army chief of staff Nebojsa Pavkovic, saying he was their idol. He said OSA's aim was the protection of Serbs in Kosovo.

Belgrade migration expert Vladimir Grecic said about 100,000 people had left Yugoslavia since 1991. "The problem is that the elite left, since one fourth of emigrants are highly educated experts," he said.

Belgrade TV station Studio B director Dragan Kojadinovic said the state took money from the station's bank account after it had refused to pay the last two fines. He also said that Studio B phone lines had been cut.

Editorial - The Athens meeting ended with the establishment of a new body - the Alliance of democratic forces under the auspices of the crown and church. It would not be good if it became just another commission for persuading the opposition to unite.

Montenegro POBJEDA

The Montenegrin parliament will continue on Tuesday its discussion on a Social Democracy Party proposal to form a commission to monitor the transparency of the privatization process.

Albanian Foreign Minister Pascal Milo arrived on a two-day visit to Montenegro. A memorandum of understanding between the two governments is expected to be signed.


The Democratic Party of Socialists, the Social Democratic Party and the People's Party will sign an agreement on Tuesday of participating as a coalition at the June 11 local elections for Podgorica and Herceg Novi. The joint election list will be called "For Podgorica".


Economist Bozo Kovac said that the Montenegrin monetary council's decision to change on a daily basis the exchange rate of the German mark against the dinar was not good and would only lead to a weakening of the dinar.

Montenegrin Parliament Speaker Svetozar Marovic received the newly-appointed Russian ambassador to Yugoslavia, Velery Yegushkin, who conveyed his country's stand that it supported the union of Montenegro and Serbia.

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