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ZAGREB, Apr 25, 2000 (Rtr)


I am interested in the proposals of Ante Markovic (the last prime minister of Yugoslavia before its 1991 breakup) to end the economic crisis, says President Stipe Mesic.

Former Finance Minister Borislav Skegro vows to spill the beans on various happenings during his time in office.

U.S. energy giant Enron has taken a $20 million surety against the breech of contract for the building of a thermo-electric plant at Jertovec.

Easter weekend fills Adriatic hotels, twice as many tourists recorded as at this time last year.

American audiences crave for details of actor Goran Visnjic's private life. Journalists editing his internet page on contact Croatian media with a request for more information as his popularity grows.


Mesic hands over to the police a tape with a conversation between Skegro and late President Franjo Tudjman about an alleged transfer of $100 million to an Irish bank, to finance the former ruling HDZ party's election campaign.

Poll: Social Democrats (SDP) lead a poll for Zagreb authorities, residents prefer Socialist Silvije Degen, a renowned solicitor, as mayor.


The central bank board may meet on Wednesday to discuss its own and the status of governor Marko Skreb, after parliament rejected its reports on banking.

The World Bak criticizes the official transport policy, advises a quicker privatisation of shippers and more investment into road maintenance.

More tapes from Tudjman's era announced from the presidential office. Does Croatia need a law to regulate documents relating to former presidents' activities?


The past Easter weekend reminds of the salad days of Croatian tourism.

Exports of state oil monopoly INA to neighboring Bosnia and Slovenia on the decrease.


Interview with former presidential aide Vesna Skare Ozbolt on tapes of secret conversations between Tudjman and his advisers: More unpleasant surprises may follow as other tapes are released.

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