Nationalists dominate Bosnian Serb parliament

BANJA LUKA, Apr 25, 2000 -- (AFP) The nationalist bloc dominates the Bosnian Serb parliament, although it does not have a majority, following the Socialist Party's defection from the governing coalition.

Opposition nationalists now control 30 out of 83 seats according to a revised list drawn up Monday by the parliament's secretariat. The ruling coalition Sloga has 25 seats.

The Socialist Party left the coalition in February, and retains only five of its original 10 seats. It has yet to officially ally itself with the nationalists.

The 19 non-Serb deputies in the entity, 17 Muslims and two Croats, have officially withdrawn their support for the coalition but continue to vote for it against the nationalists.

Three independent deputies make up the remainder of the 82 sitting MPs -- the 83rd seat remains unoccupied since the arrest of Radoslav Brdjanin in Banja Luka last year for crimes against humanity by the multinational SFOR troops.

Republika Srpska (RS) is the Serb-run Bosnian entity based in Banja Luka.

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